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                Serving the area for over 16 years

                CHRISTINE KIDD
                Box 235
                Alberta Beach, AB
                T0E 0A0
                Edmonton area, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Lac Ste. Anne,
                Barrhead, Westlock, Leduc, Parkland County,
                Sturgeon County & Yellowhead County
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                Planning & Land Development                                                            
                Sub-division & Surveyors                                                                     
                Utility Contractors & Facility Owners                                                  
                Landscaping & Fencing Contractors                                                      
                Basement Excavation & Utility installation                                             
                Environmental/Water Well Drillers                                                         
                Paving and Road Construction 
                Residential lots/acreages
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                Have you had projects held up while waiting for locates?

                Northern Lights Line Locating provides a customized locating service that is tailored to your needs. With such a short digging season in Alberta, locate requests are always high. Our aim is to develop a working relationship with the digging community to ensure projects are completed on time. To our customers this means we work with you to coordinate a time line that works for you.
                Services include:
                ? Secondary sweeps of unknown utilities
                ? Emergency/Priority Service
                ? Coordinate Alberta 1st Calls
                ? Ongoing projects/relocates
                ? Residential/Commercial/Industrial/Oilfield
                Privately owned utilities are customer owned because they've been installed on private property by the land owner. They are considered to be secondary utilities that provide services to other structures on the property.

                Alberta One Call only locates utilities that are owned by the utility company up to where the meter is located on the property. That could be on a building, pole, transformer or a meter that is free standing in a yard. Anything that goes beyond this point will
                not be located through the free provincial Alberta One Call Service.
                ? Camera sewer inspection
                ? All secondary utilities
                ? Land planning and development
                ? Line hit investigation
                Over 65% of all underground utilities are customer owned utilities
                that are NOT located through the free Alberta One Call Service
                ? Water, sanitary and storm lines inside of property boundaries

                ? Gas lines beyond the meter servicing other buildings, BBQ's, pools, etc.

                ? Communication cables beyond the main termination point.

                ? Power lines beyond the meter that service other buildings, signs, parking lot lighting, vehicle plug-ins.
                These lines could include:
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                Line Locating
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